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“The Smoking Jacket” is unusual in its degree of nudity, but that’ll happen when you take a barely teenaged boy to see a topless woman so he won’t tell Richard Lewis you wished him dead for your birthday.The shenanigans with the coat wear thin, but time can never scrub the sight of Larry attempting to charm Hugh Hefner’s “Girls Next Door” by suggesting a game of group ventriloquism.New castmate David Schwimmer pretty much has Larry pegged once he gripes about the raisin-cashew balance in the Schwimmer family snack-food line.It’s amazing anyone at the funeral for Leo Funkhouser was taken aback that Larry would literally steal a prized golf club from the deceased’s cold hands — an act of thievery up there with moving his mother’s body in season three’s “The Special Section” — but “Wood” really gets its name from another standout moment: Larry running out of a bathroom with pants around his ankles, screaming, “The dog bit my penis! The irony in Larry David doubting anyone else’s dignity is that he has no honor whatsoever.If nothing else, “Rat Dog” gave us the “schmohawk,” a term that passed down from Larry’s father and somehow didn’t originate in his own mind.The fact that Larry can barely muster any more feeling for a deaf woman’s puppy than a spider he’d squash on the sidewalk only gets so much mileage. Larry and Leon, accidentally switch phones and cost each other a job and social relationship, respectively, “Rat Dog” finally has some bite.Not that he censors himself from betraying skepticism that Japanese art dealer Yoshi’s father was an actual kamikaze pilot (on account of him, in line with a constant, surviving).

’s “The Wig Master”) believes him to fancy the same sex, and a couple of WASP-y country club emissaries almost buy that he’s of shared stock.

The closing moments of Yoshi’s dad speeding toward him in a motorized wheelchair screaming, “Bonzai!

” are a fun callback to Larry animating the ire of a Japanese waiter in season two’s “The Acupuncturist,” but all the back and forth leading up to it about apologizing while snacking starts to needle.

where she’ll be portraying a serious love interest for Larry David’s character — despite working in NBC’s censorship department.

“Larry’s always had a complicated relationship with NBC censors.

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Alas, Ted and Michael York are stuck debating the merits of Larry’s notions to conceive a dining area that’s part aristocratic quarters and part military mess hall.

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