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This small, otherwise peaceful community has inspired stories of hauntings that include everything from a headless train conductor to pagan cults and the violent murders of livestock.Many claim that when plotted on a map, the city’s five major graveyards form the symbol of a pentagram, and strange rituals are at the center of many of Athens’ most famous ghost tales.Her decomposing body was found weeks later, and supposedly the stain that was left on the floor of the ward can still be seen today.

Portland’s coastal location established it as a shipping hub and port of call for sailors during the 1800s.Sunny Key West might not seem like the most probable setting for haunted houses, but this small beach community is home to some of the oldest—and downright creepiest—of all ghost stories.The city’s rich history of buccaneers and rumrunners provides the backdrop for a lot of these ghosts, like those that are said haunt Captain Tony’s Saloon.FIRST CLASS PETTY OFFICER BRIAN MORRIS AND BLAKEWhen wife Julie had Blake six weeks early last October, Morris was on the phone to hear his first whimper. “He’s more than I expected,” says Marquez, whose wife, Valerie, gave birth to their second on Feb. “He’s a little man.” PFC EDWARD CANNIZZARO AND REBECCA“Hello! ” Cannizzaro told his fourth daughter (the others are 11, 10 and 2), born on Sept. ROBERT KANTERO, WIFE DEANA AND JAIDEN His son’s August birth “was something I never wanted to miss,” says Kantero, an electronics technician.

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Chinatown alone is home to countless ghost tours and creepy folklore, but the city also boasts a wealth of haunted hotels, mansions, and army bases.

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