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The segment in question has been posted on the video-sharing site You Tube since its initial broadcast last month, and has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

Speaking about promiscuous acts "is a violation of the sharia regulations on the one hand and against Saudi customs on the other," police spokesman Suleiman Al-Mutawae told Arab News, an English-language daily newspaper in Saudi Arabia.

The ministry officials spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity.The episode caused an uproar in deeply conservative Saudi Arabia, where sharia, or Islamic law, is practiced.Pre-marital sex is illegal, and unrelated men and women are not permitted to mingle.Demographic survey 2016 is the fourth demographic survey conducted in Saudi Arabia since 1998.Dates of survey: April 29, 2016 to June 7, 2016 Sampling framework: census 2010 Size of the sample: 33,350 households nationwide.

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