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“It’s something that builds with Allison and that my character takes note of and subsequently addresses.” Although Jack’s daughter Zoe (Jordan Hinson) is away at college, Allison had the opportunity to become better acquainted with her while she lived with her dad in Eureka.

During that time, Carter also got to know Allison’s young son Kevin.

“That was in like 1923 when I did that episode,” he jokes. This episode had to do with the jukebox and it was directed by [Eureka co-executive producer] Matt Hastings. Matt is always fun to shoot with because he works fast, knows what he wants and it’s all very detailed.

That relationship has grown in unexpected ways in the alternate timeline.

Ferguson has nothing but good things to say about Trevor Jackson, the young actor who plays Kevin.

“It’s a challenge, though, working with a baby because they don’t understand and you can’t expect them to.

You can’t ask them to do anything that they don’t want to do, nor should you, and when they want to leave, the shot is done.

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“The best thing about it is Fargo [Neil Grayston] and Zane [Niall Matter].

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