Jewish sex

One line from the Book of Genesis – the first book of the Hebrew Bible – has been interpreted as reading that man and woman were initially created as one body to be split into two.

There’s nothing un-kosher about it’ Rabbi Boteach also suggests the missionary position as being the most intimate way for married couples to have sex, although he notes that ‘all positions are great.’ According to him, Jewish law, as written in a kabbalistic text called The Zohar, requires full-body contact during sex, and for both men and women to keep their eyes open throughout.

For others, first sex is a joyous, liberating experience, one they might wish to celebrate ritually.

Among us religious Jews, sex is a big deal.’ He added: ‘Oral sex is fine. Being naked too often will cause the other party to lose interest, and makes it less of a special occasion, he suggests.

I assure them I will not waste this reckoning.” He claims that he’s withdrawing from the professional media world for a time in order to address his behavior.

But that seems to be the default position for such sexual predators. We’ll have to see what happens in Wieseltier’s case.

Rabbi Boteach argues that he is doing the Jewish community a service by encouraging healthy intimate monogamous unions, and doing so in a way that modern people can relate to.

The outspoken Rabbi has now authored over 30 books, appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show on numerous occasions, and during the 1990s, became a close friend and ‘unofficial spiritual adviser’ to the late Michael Jackson.

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