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It was just 60 men playing together; it was just such a beautiful thing.And I kept on thinking that somebody else would do it in Philadelphia because it was so needed.When I started going to the jerk-off clubs, and when I started our club here, there were no effective treatments for AIDS at all.And providing a place for men to get together and be sexual together where it was totally safe was really, really vital.So I kept thinking someone else is going to do it, and finally I just reached a day where I said, “OK, I guess I gotta do it.”I talked to some friends who encouraged me and were somewhat involved in getting it going. I put the word out, and we had our first party and we had more than 80 guys show up.So it was amazing, it was just an unqualified success.Two frumpy, grey-haired men — the only ones in the entire bar — beckoned us to enter, but we left without so much as a hello or a drink.

A tattooed man at the landing had me sign a sheet agreeing to this statement printed on a nearby sign: “Jacks events involve nudity and solo, mutual and group exploration of safer sexuality. ” means “Yes” & “No Thank You” really does mean “No Thank You.” It doesn’t mean “Try me again in 10 minutes.” If someone makes it clear that they’re not interested in playing with you, please be considerate and wait for them to approach you in the future.”Atop the second flight of stairs, I met Albo Jeavons, the Philly Jacks coordinator.Jeavons (Philly Jacks): When I was 16 and I started to take the train into the city everyday to go to college, I very quickly discovered that the men’s room at the train station had this long line of urinals, and pretty much anytime I went in there, there were some friendly men playing with their dicks.And I was a fucking horny 16-year-old, so I just loved it.He manhandled my furry ass and utterly destroyed my nipples.I came within a matter of minutes, holding him close to me as I shuddered, my cum squirting into my cupped hand.

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