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Jenna added that the sisters can always crack each other up, with Today show host Willie Geist explaining that partying with the two of them is a real blast, something he discovered first hand at a recent Christmas party.Indeed, the daughters of former US President George Bush revealed that they used to sleep together every Christmas Eve before Jenna got married - and they still regularly take naps together, along with Jenna's husband, Henry.“If women everywhere had this, felt this empowerment — whether it’s through a sibling or a friend or a colleague or whatever it is — maybe we’d be in a place where we felt better about the state of women in our country,” Jenna says.Unique among all First Children, Jenna and Barbara are the only twins — and they think that has made all the difference.Triple threat: Jenna, her husband Henry Hager, and Barbara enjoy taking naps together in one big bed.The girls also revealed that they used to share a bed together every Christmas Eve until Jenna married Henry The two deny reports that all twins share psychic capabilities, insisting that the only thing they've ever been on the same page about was a turkey sandwich, and even then it was only that they both wanted pepper on the turkey.“We promised you normalcy, and this is not normal.” The Bushes have been protective of normalcy for the two first daughters who followed them. ’” The sentiment extends to 11-year-old Baron Trump.

The sisters said that they both get extremely distressed when the other is sad, adding that they always try to be a force of strength in the others life and have seen each other through many hard times.“Because he didn’t ask his dad to run for president.So we’re protective of him just as we were Malia and Sasha.” At other more private moments in the book, the sisters and their family are at their most intriguing and unfamiliar.Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush Hager are the latest to jump on the bandwagon with Sisters First, a book that couldn’t be called a tell-all — it’s revealing, not shocking — but that breaks genre with their Republican dynasty.In alternating chapters, the former First Daughters recount stories about everything from their childhood in Midland, Texas (with visits to their presidential grandfather), through their father’s White House years, to Jenna’s current career as a Barbara, already well on the record for marriage equality, voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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