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When I speak to friends who prefer i Phones over Androids, many of them cite “ease of synchronization” as one of their most important reasons.

I have to hand it to Apple on that point: even though they like to create exclusivity with their products, they make integration between their products very easy – in particular, syncing from i Tunes to a mobile device. Maybe you’re hesitant to switch to Android because all of your media is on i Tunes and you’re afraid of losing all of that by moving away from your i Phone.

If you have the will to upgrade to the Premium version, though, I think i Syncr blows all of its competition right out of the water.

Do you know of any other i Tunes-to-Android synchronization apps that I missed?

This is as bare-bones as it gets, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad by any means. Without all the bells and whistles, using Easy Phone Tunes ends up being a very straightforward process. This app is great because it can transfer the entire i Tunes library or only select playlists, which offers a bit of flexibility to you based on how much data you need transferred.

You run the desktop program, start up the Android app, click the big synchronization button, and everything is taken care of for you. Unlike i Tunes to Android Sync, which only runs on Windows, Easy Phone Tunes runs on both Windows and Mac.

For example, you can set it to only sync songs after a specific date or songs that are under a specific time length.Personally, I think it isn’t worth the price and you should only consider this app if the previous two in this list don’t work for you.Of the three choices laid out here, I believe the best overall app is Easy Phone Tunes.Not only does it have the broadest appeal (it’s available on both Windows and Mac AND it’s really easy to use) but its feature set is complete and doesn’t leave you feeling like you deserve more.i Syncr Lite came in at a close second, but the Lite version limitations were too much for me.

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