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The consent document will not have an expiration date.

As Kirkegaard stated: “Data is already public.” No harm, no ethical foul right? Many of the basic requirements of research ethics—protecting the privacy of subjects, obtaining informed consent, maintaining the confidentiality of any data collected, minimizing harm—are not sufficiently addressed in this scenario.

The Harvard “Tastes, Ties, and Time” dataset is no longer publicly accessible. And it appears Kirkegaard, at least for the time being, has removed the Ok Cupid data from his open repository.

There are serious ethical issues that big data scientists must be willing to address head on—and head on early enough in the research to avoid unintentionally hurting people caught up in the data dragnet.

The approval for the consent document will last the life of the study, or until it is amended—whichever comes first.

Below is an explanation of this policy for new, amended, and continuing review research studies.

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1, 2016, the MUSC IRB will no longer include expiration dates on Informed consent documents.

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