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This is partially do to the shear numbers of users using Windows vs Mac OS.

Viruses are usually written by people that want to affect the largest audiences as possible and only about 10% of all computers are Macs.

Manufactures and developers are making it easy to keep your computer & software running smoothly.

For your privacy, security, and computer reliability update your system today.

They are increasing in popularity but still a very small percentage.

There are several options out there for Mac Virus protection most are yearly subscriptions.

It doesn't take much to keep your computer lean and mean.

There are several free antivirus applications out there such as Avira, Pandas Cloud Antivirus, AVG and more.

Its As Easy As If you are running a Automatic Updating .

Choose an appropriate time of day to check the Microsoft site for software updates. If you are running on an Apple Computer you should turn the Automatic Update on by going to the "Apple Menu" (icon of an apple at the top left of your screen) and select Software Update .

Most of the time an up-to-date operating system will improve the reliability, security and speed of your computer greatly.

Not to mention that new i Pod or i Touch you just got, won't work with Widows XP Sevice Pack 2.

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