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While this may make the blood of some women boil, it was his honest assessment.Sure, it’s always been common for older men to be attracted to significantly younger women.I also recently heard a man share that while he was fine with his girlfriend being 12 years older for now, he frankly wondered if he would still feel attracted to her when he was 50 and she was 62.

And as an old co-worker said, "I f**king hate this place, even the fat chicks are picky!

The classic stereotype is the well-off, distinguished older man who can offer a younger woman security, prestige, or luxury in exchange for her being his arm candy or trophy wife.

However, the “cougar” phenomenon for women (with a few notable exceptions) is a relatively new and increasingly popular option for some women.

The possible problems I can see arising wouldn't be because you're a different levels of maturity or whatever, but because you're at different places in your life. My SO and I are 5 years apart, and have gone through several phases in both our lives in the 8 years we've been together, and I'd say it's made us better together.

I'm going to be hetero-normative here and assume you're a dude?

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