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Stealing a kiss under the stars while you stoke the fires (literally and figuratively) will build a lasting memory. Dinner At a Chic Ethnic Restaurant - The beauty of taking a date to eat Ethiopian or Indian food is three-fold.For one thing, the fact that it’s a step out of the ordinary adds to the exotic excitement.The group date can earn you a certified thumbs up in new relationships or allow your significant other to reconnect with friends that they may have blown off recently to be with you. Blue Collar Bowling - When’s the last time you saw your baby handle balls this heavy?While it may not sound sexy in the traditional sense, there’s something about the timeless thrill of watching your date bowl their first strike that’ll make you both forget you’re wearing bad, borrowed shoes on a frigid winter night. A Night at the Museum - No, we’re not suggesting that you try to impress your date by treating them to a Ben Stiller movie.Ok Cupid generates matches based on answers to questions and how important users say those questions are. Rudder describes the site as a “curator” of matches.They include “Should creationism be taught in public schools? ” “We don't advertise it as 'Create your own dating algorithm,' but that's what people are doing,” said the 36-year-old from Little Rock, Ark., who moonlights as a guitarist in indie band Bishop Allen. Rudder previously worked with fellow Harvard alumni on Spark, which Barnes & Noble bought in 2001. It connects compatible people who have comparable attractiveness ratings.

Make it all about them—without expressing any expectation for a return—and you may just be rewarded with the hottest thank you imaginable. Throwback Party for Two - Whether your idea of retro night includes Pac Man and Prince albums or Nintendo and N’Sync, nothing warms the heart like a walk down memory lane.

Fortunately for you sir, we’ve compiled a list of classy date night ideas for at a variety of price points to help keep your passion burning bright into the cold, bleak weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day (or, as your wacky aunt refers to it, the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey). Movie Night at the Crib - Let’s start with the obvious.

If you read our 4 Sexiest Holiday Movies article, you know that chilling at home with your partner doesn’t have to mean cheesy sitcom reruns or bad reality TV.

This Valentine's Day, some of New York's celebrating couples will have Cupid to thank—Ok Cupid, that is.

Christian Rudder is co-founder, general manager and editorial director of the 9-year-old free dating site.

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