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Please click here to select a subscription, or login if you are already a member.A state review of the police response to the chaotic white nationalist protest in Charlottesville this summer describes a confused command structure, a breakdown in communication, and uncertainty among officers about the “rules of engagement” with protesters.

Shari Acree, who was also on the train, said she saw white smoke and the crash.

Four-year-old Colette Briggs bound into the dining room where her parents sat in the midst of another distressing conversation.

Oblivious to their anxiety, she cheerily asked her mom to retie one of the loose pigtails atop her head. But all eight of them came to Orange County—James Madison’s Montpelier to be exact— to build a log cabin pretty much the way they were built in Madison’s day.

The plane came to the end of the runway at the Shannon Airport near Fredericksburg and then pulled back up, flying to the end of the airport property, State Police Spokeswoman Corinne Geller said in an email.

It struck the tree line, crashed and immediately caught fire.

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The train rode past the crash site and Aquino said she saw flames, smoke, several rescue vehicles and the remains of the plane just beyond the tree line.

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