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Don't know what era/decade you're referring to but it sounds like the 50s/60s.Not only were young women more ladylike but most of us young men were gentlemen.People just didn't brag about it like they do today.I think the main thing is the dishonesty and the mind games, coupled with looking for the very very best.IDC if you sleep on the floor IDC if you & your family of 9 stay in a one bedroom apartment I will come sit my ass on the floor & kick it like we in a mansion. Cuz If I fuck wit you then I fuck with you and not all of us got it easy You ain't gotta fake nun with me “kids go to college and come back liberal” haha you’re right it’s almost as if the combination of education & exposure to hundreds of world views affects your opinions.Dating transsexuals, transgender women and transvestites in a decent and classy dating site.As for sex, people have always been having sex before marriage.

All these terms didn't pop out of thin air like Fbs, Fw B and what not now they just have names.How to get over the person who used you, treated you like trash, lied to you, dated you for five years and then bailed when marriage came up, ran for the hills when you got pregnant, divorced you on a whim..To my grandmother's generation a person who dated another person for more than three dates without specifying their plans for the relationship was called a cad. People valued potential and character more than money and status.When calling a girl's hme there was none of this, "Is so-and-so there? But I stayed within my own age group - late 40s to early 50s - so I still conducted mself as a gentleman of my earlier era and it worked." You identified yourself, asked after whoever answered the phone (if not the young lady herself) then asked if you might speak with her or, if she wasn't aailable, leave a message and ask when you might call back to reach her. By the end of the 60s I was married and that ended dating until the mid-90s following a divorce. My wife is only two years younger and we've been married 17 years. If you were shy or introverted or both, family and friends would help you more.

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