Healthy friendship prior to dating

As social beings, most of us want someone reliable and trustworthy to see us through life.

Support, in the context of a relationship, is multi-faceted.

When someone is “all in” on what you want to accomplish in life, things are that much easier and that much more enjoyable.

Financial support is also an important part of living a comfortable life together.

According to Paul, the most common reason why people get into relationships: not receiving enough love, and needing a partner to give it to them; somehow feeling that a partner will make them feel worthy and complete.“People who want a relationship for this reason are generally very disappointed, because if they are not loving themselves, their partner’s love cannot fill the empty place within.”There is a vast difference between desiring to share love and wanting to receive love.The truth is we are transformed, to some degree, by who we allow into our lives.Our partners are huge influences on our life and our life’s outlook.In only two decades, online dating has completely changed how couples meet and interact.Learn how online dating is changing society for the better.

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