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Conor is a wonderful showcase for Galitzine’s talent, and in more ways than one.The role also allows the actor to use what he calls his "separate passion,” music.

He appears both eager to test his range and grateful for his opportunities. Andrew Scott has that great line “You spend your whole life being somebody else, who’s gonna be you?I think everyone is part of a school clique in high school or wherever — maybe you get roped into a way of thinking.In the film there’s something kind of tragic about this weird vicious cycle of machismo that all these boys buy into. Hopefully will shed a light on that and help young people realize it’s more than okay to be different. The film hasn’t really been advertisingly itself as a gay film, so I was surprised by the story when I saw it at TIFF last fall. Have you learned a lot about LGBT issues and discussed it a lot at Q&As by this point?There’s a darkness inside me that makes me want to play a psychopath or something like that.Tom Hardy did it so well in, playing an unhinged character. Do you think you’ve lost jobs because you’re ] was down to an aesthetic that was appealing to teenager girls.

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