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There are surprisingly many opportunities to discuss your future, naturally, in the course of conversation. Scott Stanley, a lead marriage researcher at the University of Denver, says that since we no longer have societal norms and expectations for marriage in place, what a woman needs are some tests; ways she can discern where a relationship is headed without initiating the conversation-stopping DTR.So did she, hopeful that he would pop the question, soon. By the time she got clarity about the relationship, she'd spent six years with him.Now she worries that she wasted her childbearing years on a relationship that was "fun but had no future." When what has been a good thing drifts on for months and even years, the DTR can seem like an unwelcome threat to your relationship's equilibrium. For a relationship that has marriage potential, it can be a timely accelerator.I didn't want to put him on the spot, though, so I did the next best thing: I wrote him a note. And giddy with excitement waiting for him to return the note. So much for being his date at the upcoming roller skating party. Throughout my single years, Define The Relationship talks (DTRs) felt like a necessary evil. " and he'd say, "No." Still my need for clarity outweighed my fear of losing yet another shot at marriage.Necessary because I never wanted to spend too much time with one guy in a go-nowhere relationship. You may be having fun with the guy you're dating, but if you're unsure of where you're headed as a couple, what's good today can undermine where you hope to be long term. They'd been together a long time, and everyone assumed they'd eventually marry.

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