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people who live there are surprised because the area is usually safe full of students. he will be attending two fundraisers while he is in town.

when student on the street actually heard the gunshot. one for the democratic congressional campaign commitee.

of the more town witnesses interviewed a friend of the victims offered a different take. thursday he told that the night was never his hand.

ever told that two police regardless if the knife was in his hand waistband.

reporter: will all be part of what they're looking at the desolation techniques of the reused if officers were properly trained to the escalate all part of the investigation of the initial start of this and that is what this video shows us.

the felony convictions include two charges of recklessly evading an officer.

pam:a local lawmaker is trying to correct what some people say. orinda state senator steve glazer is calling on president obama. president obama is spending the night in san francisco. an update on that sea lion recently discovered on highway- 37 - the young sea lion is being evaulated at the marine mammal center the concern is.

before heading back to washington d-c saturday afternoon. he may have brain damage from the same toxic bloom. as kron four's terisa estacio shows us, on a positive note, the sea lion seems to be in good spirits now that he is safe off the roadway.

concord police say after looking in saro's cellphone they knew there were more children abused "but how many more? 50 sailors- all african- american, refused to load the ships anymore because of safety concerns. glazer's resolution also seeks to overturn their convictions.

obviously there are more videos in there and we are working on identifying those girls in the videos, but we know that there's going to be more victims that come forward" parents here at la clinica say they are concerned "it is really bad you know, it is really scary" "we have a big issue, there is 100% concern, we don't need this in the town" investigators say some victims may not have been recorded on saro's cellphone "where he worked at other dental offices and those other incidents, maybe he didn't record and someone was touche, so it's unknown how many victims there are as of right now" saro is being held on 8 million dollars bail, a million for each felony lewd act upon a child, and to that an additional pam: the truck was set up on south 10th east william street half mile from the university campus grounds neighbors say they heard gunshots after an argument of o'clock last night. 320 -people seaman, mostly african americans, were killed in the blast. president barack obama is visiting the bay area for the second time this year.

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Matt and Eric, the oldest and twins, were telekinetic and that was only a secondary skill to their natural talent to run off unwelcome outsiders.

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