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Because of his respect for Godard, Garrel was initially weary of accepting the role. ” Hazanavicius was insistent: “He told me that it was an adaptation of Anne’s book and I became more open about the subject and then he sent me the script and I was angry, because I liked it. ” Garrel is sitting in front of his computer with the electronic cigarette that he is holding connected to it via the USB key.“At the beginning I didn’t want to do it,” says the 33-year-old Parisian. He puffs and continues, “I liked the comic way that it was done, even if I didn’t agree about everything, but I think it’s a good subject, told about a very specific period of his life.“I see a portrait of something that many people don’t, I see a hero,” states Garrel.

This question gets Garrel animated: “If you think Godard makes movies to be loved, or wants to be loved, then you don’t know Godard,” he says. I don’t think it is mean.” I’ve met Garrel many times and always got on well with him.In 2009 Bruni Tedeschi and Garrel adopted a baby from Senegal, whom they named Céline.Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License; additional terms may apply.At the Cannes Film Festival his status is such that he is treated like he can walk on water.That’s despite the fact that these days Godard refuses to promenade along La Croisette.

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That will not be funny.” In Garrel is transformed, his dark think hair hacked away to the receding hair line of the French director, the iconic glasses put on, and he moves around the screen with less haste.

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