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It’s only available if you have a Mail Chimp account, but you can get a free account on their website, so you might as well give it a test.I’ve used this tool to to help come up with even better versions of each subject line below. However, one of the features of losing weight is something my doctor calls a “diet.” I have a lot less enthusiasm for this feature than I do the benefits.They find formulas they love, and they emulate them in the future.

For both news articles and advertising, 75 percent of your success is gated by your headline.

Many times, marketing and brand recognition is about standing out, being memorable and coming up with something catchy.

However, the subject line of an email isn’t the time to practice this.

Therefore, they look to the subject line to determine if the message is worthwhile.

A 2011 case study conducted by AWeber Communications found that . Just by ensuring that the recipient clearly understands the contents of the email, you can get more than 5 times the number of prospective customers to open it. The following are some examples of clever and clear email subject lines: Clear subject lines give email recipients a good idea about what the message contains.

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