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CASILDA'S STORY You can see why people love mobile dating apps.They’re quick and easy, especially if you have a tech-savvy neighbour like I do. “Is there any reason for making the pond even smaller?“They don’t have time to look at other people.” Happn’s premise is that our lives are filled with “near misses”. When you cross paths with a fellow user, wherever you are, their profile photo pops up on your phone.

“But now, if you’re not on them, you’re probably out of the game.” So what happens when two people – myself and a friend, James Innes – decide to test out France’s hip new app? Will we find that much desired coup de foudre or will we be wallflowers in our own town?There’s Kyle, 26, a computer expert, Kenneth, 37, a chauffeur, and Spiros, 41, a bar manager surely born to mix me margaritas.In Spitalfields Market I scroll through more profiles. There are men in ski goggles, men hugging dogs and painting murals. I stare at Lorenzo’s profile picture, filled with wonder.In Shoreditch, where happn reports high traffic, my timeline goes into overdrive.Occasionally I spot a fellow 40-something, but most are so young I feel a motherly urge to tell them off: “For God’s sake get your hair cut! ” Others look wildly attractive, from a service-provider perspective.

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