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“We had a huge party 15 years ago that can’t be topped,” said Kreile, referring to the celebration after the couple registered their partnership in 2002.Germany introduced registered partnerships in 2002, but those gave same-sex couples fewer rights than heterosexual couples who married.“This day sends a significant signal, which is that the state’s discrimination of lesbians and gays is finished,” said Joerg Steinert, who heads the Berlin branch of Germany’s lesbian and gay association.

They include a ban on unlimited "flat-rate sex" offers, mandatory registration for prostitutes and tougher licensing regulations for brothels, which proponents say could improve working conditions and help fight human trafficking.Other features promise to make potentially dangerous interactions safer.Sex workers and customers can identify themselves as "safe-sex only" users, which has reduced an industry-wide problem of condomless oral sex, according to online feedback.The fact that the site makes its users money makes it especially attractive, said de Riviere, who is also a spokeswoman for Germany's recently formed Trade Association of Erotic and Sexual Services."You reach a lot of sex workers that way who aren't politically interested much or wouldn't attend actual physical meetups," she said.In a country where Amazon and Uber are embroiled in union disputes, that could well make an online marketplace for sex Germany's most labor-friendly website.

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The prostitution portal ranks among Germany's top 200 websites and the top 10 of adult sites.

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