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b«in« m rnnva A tmln coauinlnv htt ken* uid arl L Try • SMk a M sat ttm. The Prime Minister at the present session, he said, would In^ troduce a, further measure providing for an additional amount of at least 1250,000,000.

From the outbreak of the war to the end of January the war ex- penditures had ibeen 8,000,000.

Some economies have been made In other direct lon.s, «a that the total for the quarter for ar- tillery and munitions In reality Is 450,- 000,000 francs more than for the first three months of the year, thus Indicat- ing an cnormouii development In this arm of the service. When the present bill Is adopted the total appro- priations graated by the French Pari la- ment~ since August 1, 1914. fifteen atilea nortkarest of "Vtctn^^ yesterday, killing six per- sons and wounding othera. In Artois our trench guns shelled the ene- my works In the neighborhood of the road to Lille. we reqaptured a portion of the ad- vanced trenches occupied by the enemy on February 13. course of our of- fensive in the Erzerum region, after ar- tillery preparations, we stormcni and curr U-d one of the Erzerum forts, cap- turing more than 20 guns, as well as prisoners and munitions. 16.— Qeorce Wil- liams, a Sarnla man, con Aned In the county Jail here awattlna removal to Kingston penitentiary to server two years for burglary, escaped from the Jail at 11 o'clock yesterday morning and was recaptured at 3 o'clock in the after- noon on the I^ke dhore road. He broke the lock of his cell doer and scaled the jail wall, with the aid of an old clothes line. C HIGHLAND CREAM WILLIAM TEACHER & SONS PERFECTION OF OLD SCOTCH WHISKY Scientifically distilled and of complete matur- ity, it has a flavor and fragrance found only in whiskies of distinction. 00^ From the Bargain BMement Corset Covers, trimmed with laces. I.*nd upon which taxes are delinquent Is liable lo be advertised for sale, if the ar- rears, together with interest at per cent from date of delinquency, are not paid Im- mediately.

on Whom we depend worthlljr to form our part in the aictkinment o this goal. Bowles replied by withdrawing his remarks, as lie said they were liable to be ml Nconstrued. who were serving gratuitously, and by civil servants from other depart- ments.

"In the Champagne, after strong ar- tillery preparation, a weak attack was made against our position northwest of Tahnro. "Kas[ of the Meu»e our front between Fiabas and Ornes was shelled vigor- ously. It requires long experience to correctly judge the value and quality of these pre- cious stones. Taking Into account the increased revenue and the decreased capital and ordinary expendlutre.

"\ night counter-attack Uy the French asainst our position near Obcr- sett, which we recently captured from thorn, failed." Sir Sam Hughes announced to- night that fourteen new bat- talions were about to leave Can- ada for Europe. Conservative people select a house of established reputation— of known diamond supremacy. there had been since April 1 an a JUround betterment in the financial position as compared with last year of |ei,7»»,000.

The enemy continued to shell Lens and its suburbs., "South of the Sommo unsuccess Cul hand grenade attacks by the French were followed by heavy artillery fi Rhl- Ing, lasting into the night. There is thus a total of nine Erzerum forts now In our hands." Tnrklah Beport CONSTANTINOPLE. Knemy at- tacks have been halted by counter- at- tacks. -The Times" naval correspondent expresses the belief that the recently Increased activity of ihs German fleet is due to the apf Kiintment of a new commnn')lsrchlcf, whose name has not been divulged, and the passing Into eervlce of new vessels. —the Wisdom of Buying Diamonds From a House of Acknowledged Prestige Diamonds ztt too precious, valuable, costly — to be purchased indiscriminately. Sir Thomas said that the decision not to Initiate new ex- penditures on public works had been adopted, with the result that there had been a decrease of |7, OSO,000 in capital expenditure. TRANSFERS TO TALTHYBIUS RECRUITS WANTED FOR ACTIVE NAVAL SERVICE From time to time drafts of men from the Royal Naval Canadian Volun- teer Reaerve have been sent away from ii^squimalt on active service, leaving va- cancies in the ranks of the companies Mrvlng at the local station. Purser Wakeham, who waa on the Ixlon, la coming tack to join his ship after visiting England to wind up af- faire connected with hla father's d^th. Beauilfr It J Taa ^» -y *»*a •«■ tka koal M caau rag Fog and adverae weather waa ni«l with by the Pacl Hc Coast Steamship Company's liner Oovernor. Tbe Oovarnor waa twenty hours lata In leaving Ban Fraadaea.

"Northwest of Rhelms the French at- tempted gas attacks, which failed. Two Russian aeroplanes, darn- aged by our fire, have been farced to land." Waval Aa«vt«]p LONDON. The average lover of diamonds is far from being a -purchasing expert. On ordinary account chargeable to revenue the expenditure had totalled |93, S«0,000, a decrease of over 118,000,900 as compared with same period last year. About twenty-four men are now required to bo distributed among the Victoria and Vancouver companies of the R. The Talthybiua, Captain Cullum, is now on paasage from Yokohama with a capacity cargo, including 1,000 tons for Victoria. NEW NAVAL RATING Wlzeleaa Oyeraton Am to Ba Wcaad for WItk »eyal Wun X Oaa.

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