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He must have sensed her heart opening to him because soon she felt a change in him, too. Clearly, she thought, he is talking to other girls.With his treasure won, he just wasn’t that into her. The music in the background rises to a crescendo and pours from speakers all over the country — out of the radios of cab drivers braving the dangerous streets at night, out of the portable radios of weary soldiers patrolling in distant provinces, out of computer speakers and the radios of old men who still find looking at TV screens blasphemous. No commentary, no back and forth between caller and host.

(In a particularly Afghan twist, the man who voiced Taliban leader Mullah Omar’s sayings, Sangar Niazai, now records announcements during urging the Taliban to give up arms; “It turns off the mood,” Ajmal told me.) Back in the Taliban times, there was no television or internet.“Right there I realized that all the young people in this city are in love, and we should do something about it! A more likely reason is that some mobile phone companies have free calling on Fridays; a call into costs about 20 cents per minute, and heartbroken callers have sometimes run out of credit in the middle of a story. (Since reporting this story, the show has moved from Friday to Wednesday nights and expanded from two hours to three.)Sameem planned to launch on Valentine’s Day, an occasion marked only recently in Afghanistan, but one that local media now celebrates with reports of couples buying flowers and presents.Young people wish “you and your family a ‘Happy Valentine’s’” on Facebook and in text messages as if it’s a national holiday.There are over 2 million new internet users, one million people with a 3G phone service, 89 television channels, and 232 FM radio stations.It’s hard to exaggerate just how much this growth has affected everything in Afghan life, maybe especially dating.

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