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This was kept a family secret, as there was considerable racism in the area at the time, and this was a source of tension for the children.

Apart from her twin, the only person whom Knight was close to was her uncle, Oscar Knight, who was a champion horseman.

Knight was admitted to St Elmo's Hospital in Tamworth where she was diagnosed with postnatal depression and spent several weeks recovering.

She assaulted at least one boy at school with a weapon and was once injured by a teacher who was found to have acted in self-defence.With her live-in partner Ken Knight, Barbara had four additional children, including a pair of twin girls born in 1955 in Tenterfield, New South Wales. In 1959, when Katherine was four, her mother's husband, Jack Roughan, died.The two boys who had lived with him moved in with Barbara and Ken.A man known in the district as "Old Ted", who was foraging near the railway line, found and rescued Melissa, by all accounts only minutes before the train passed.Knight was arrested and again taken to St Elmo's Hospital, but, apparently recovered, signed herself out the following day.

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