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If you don't want your kids to visit certain kinds of sites, talk to them about your concerns.And do take time to convince older kids that you'll respect their privacy while monitoring their online actions.Blocking specific applications is another advanced feature, as is forcing Safe Search on popular search portals.

These systems perform content filtering at the router level, so your settings affect every device on the network.

To learn about these advanced features, and to make an informed choice for your own family, you'll need to read our full reviews.

Disclaimer: All models were at least 18 years old when they were photographed.

With most parental control systems, you can opt to receive notification via text or email when your child tries to visit a blocked site, makes a post using iffy language, or otherwise bends the rules.

Some of these tools let kids remotely request parental override to unblock a particular site, or get extra time online to finish homework.

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In most cases, installation of social media tracking requires that you know your child's login credentials, or that you convince the child to log in and install the tracker's app.

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