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Five months passed like this, until they finally met in person on Cẩm’s 16th birthday.

They met once again a few weeks later at Tết – Vietnamese new year – and then, just as suddenly as he’d come into her life, her new boyfriend disappeared.

They would send a friend request, then ask where she went to school, or if she had any recommendations for a visitor to Sapa.

She saw Facebook as a sort of online dating website; nearly everyone she chatted to was also H’mong, and it allowed everyone to come together, even if they were from harder-to-reach villages.

Not long after, Cẩm was at her grandmother’s house with her mother, a few villages over from their own, when she logged on to Facebook to see if there was any news from Long.

Instead, she had a friend request and message from his younger brother Bình, asking if she was in Sapa.

Cẩm was born in 2000, the third of seven children in an ethnic Black H’mong family.Men often cross the porous frontier in search of money, hoping to trade goods or become labourers in Chinese mines or quarries.But if girls cross the border, it’s usually because they’ve been snatched: stolen from an outdoor market, kidnapped from the side of the street, even sold by a neighbour or distant relative.A street sign in Chinese characters came into view, and the bike stopped.Panicking, she dug into her pockets for her mobile phone and started screaming as fast as she could to her sister that she’d been trafficked, she was somewhere on the border with China.

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