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How much energy is available after subtracting the energy costs to extract, process, and deliver the resource?To know how much energy from a particular source can actually be deployed by society, we must factor in both the production costs and the system costs—that is, the energy required to make energy available to the end user.With gasoline, for instance, this calculation would include energy costs related to oil exploration, drilling, refining, transportation, and the infrastructure that supports each step of the process.With coal-derived electricity, the calculation would include the life cycle from mine to power plant to electric grid.We also have public chat rooms, where more than two users chat together. Before you chat with a stranger, make sure to read some of our top articles below.

If high net energy sources are in decline, and no reasonable replacements are available, the result may be a painful restructuring as society rearranges economic activity to fit a diminishing energy supply.

Oil, natural gas, and coal have provided a huge, high-quality energy subsidy to the modern world.

That subsidy, which has enabled human population and wealth to grow exponentially, is based on finite resources and cannot continue indefinitely.

Sugarcane-based ethanol has a superior net energy ratio, but it is still low compared to fossil fuels.

Any produced energy resource can be analyzed for its net energy ratio, although the process raises a difficult question: What are the boundaries of consideration?

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