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Initiator of the compilation of the 'Caucasian Collection', published in Tiflis in 1876-1912. Ernst was a cryptanalyst under Tsar Nicholas in his 'Black Cabinet' and reached the equivalent rank of admiral. To improve the operating comfort, the C-35 was connected to an electric typewriter, which the U. These included the Vatican, as well the governments of Iraq, Iran, and Libya. Unfortunately, no materials are available to support or argue the words of that high-ranking Finnish intelligence officer ...In marriage he had six sons and one daughter, among others Alexander Mikhailovich (Sandro), b. During World War I, he was known as Ernst Popov; he solved German, Austrian and British codes. German military attache in Tallinn, Colonel Horst Rsing, evaluated the Estonian radio-intelligence against the Soviet Union as more successful than the Finnish one ...The Duke, Freemason, Vice-Admiral was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Military Air Fleet in 1914 or 1915 and he became Inspector of Aviation; aide-de-camp to Abraham-Louis Breguet or Brguet b. According to experts in the field of radio intelligence, the radio station has successfully solved all the tasks assigned to it. And in early 1916, when appeared the first serious problems with deciphering of the German radio messages, caused by the introduction of new ciphers and a new signal book, here was specially sent one of the leading cryptologist "She was almost certainly Jewish and so Ernst can certainly be counted as of Jewish origin". Korf (for collecting materials about the life and reign of Nicholas I), also S. Developer electromechanical encryption units, (rotary machines) of Arvid Damm and mechanical cipher machines.10 January 1747 and died on 17 September 1823, born in Neuchtel, Switzerland. Schilling / / Schilling von Kannstadt / Schilling von Cannstatt b. Petersburg, diplomat, electrical engineer and inventor, the Baltic German origin, who built a pioneering electrical telegraph. It should be noted that in the decryption Bureau, with naval experts also participated representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Above named Karl was a German-language instructor at the Saint Petersburg Military-Judicial Institute and director at the Imperial Public Library ca 1900. His father, Carl Wilhelm Hagelin worked as a manager in an oil company in Baku Nobel. Belonozhkin tried at numerous meetings to solve the burning issue of how the company's trading rights and authority could be protected. Cryptoteknik manufactured only mechanical and electro mechanical ciphering machines.Breguet, Brown, Masson, Rey, Armand, Constantinowitz / Konstantynowicz, Duflon and history of research on telegraph, radio and electricity. Petersburg University, shortly after the birth of Alexander, left her husband, lawyer in Warsaw and in 1889 married a second time to the officer of the Guards F. Kublitski Piottuch, Catholic, in service entered September 1, 1876. 12 July 1819 in Kulgajewka, the Klimovichi county, the Mohylew by Dniepr government; Andrzej was owner of Kulgajewka village, but all villagers were taken by Ignacy Ciechanowiecki and removed on new places. Karl Hagelin was closest advisor for Emmanuel, because Wilhelm Hagelin, his father, had been employed by Ludvig Nobel as a manager of the St.Deka Company in Petersburg, Moscow and Zaporoze - Russian engines and airplanes. A fortunes of Poles in this remote easterly territories of the former Both Nations Republic turned out differently than by Vistula, because not a few Poles had got to choose military service in the Russian Army since the end of the 18th cent. The first wife unknown, 2nd wife 1799 Fiedosja Kuzminicz who d. Petersburg factory; 1899, Karl Hagelin was called back to St.The Breguet Company and Edward Brown of Clerkenwell in Russia. 8 / 19 November 1794, musician, and served in the Second Caucasian war 1820 - 1832, held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, great-grandson of Field Marshal Mikhail Golitsyn and son of Lieutenant-General Prince Prince Nikolai Petrovitch Troubetzkoy in 1861 married again to Sophia Alekseevna Lopukhin b. Trubetskoy had ten children that is half-brothers and sisters of P. 1754, she was sister of Mikolaj Radziwill born in 1746; parents of above Veronika: father Michał Kazimierz Radziwiłł 'Rybenko' b.

manufactured the rotating mirror Fizeau-Foucault apparatus ... In 1845 test of electrical telegraph was made along the railway route, the Breguet two - needle telegraph, too. Aleksandr Osipovich Gelfond investigated the complexity of the discrete logarithm problem. By 1860 large codes were in common use for diplomatic communications, and cipher systems had become a rarity for this application. 1802, developed the Playfair Code, a table system that was easy to use. He formulated procedures for long-term diplomatic codes. 1925 when Damme moved to Paris to collaborate with the telegraph companies (Breguet-Brown), Boris Hagelin headed the firm. In 1906, he was appointed Swedish consul general in St. His father was a Swede, who had been born in St Petersburg in 1860. Damm also constructed purely mechanical machine which printed both the plaintext and the ciphertext. Damm aimed to interest the large telegraph companies in his machine. Gabrilovich established in Petrograd, the Universal Russian company of radio - telegraph, radio - telephone and electric devices (VRKR). Siemens who in 1853 founded in the Russian capital firm called 'Trading House of Siemens and Halske' were performed under a government orders a series of telegraph Mikhail Heller and Alexander Nekrich, 'Utopia in Power', London 1986, p. Lenin had hiding place there in period July - October 10th, 1917 , edition of 19, p. Originally called AB Cryptoteknik and founded by Arvid Gerhard Damm in Stockholm in 1920, the firm manufactured the C-36 mechanical cryptograph machine that Damm had patented. Cryptoteknik came under the control of Boris Hagelin, an early investor (1921, Boris Hagelin developed his first cipher machine whilst working for crypto-company Damm in Sweden; 1935 he produced a fully mechanical machine under his own brand name A. Shortly before WWII, he developed the M-209 for the American Army.57 - 58: he was known to sphere of Petersburg high society, Polish "old nobleman", secret chieftain of socialists; he concealed of Trocki - Bronstein in Petersburg A. 1905 and also directed Chrustalow - Nosar or Chrustalov - Nosari in 1905. After the war the company moved to Switzerland where they traded as Hagelin Cryptos. to: and during the War essentially operated in the United States ...As a result the Breguet equipment was installed in 1845 on the Paris-Rouen route. Andrei Nikolaevich Kolmogorov (1903‑1987), graduated of the Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1925, acc. The invention of telegraph and radio pushed forward the development of cryptographic protection of telecommunications, acc. In 1917, the Americans formed the cryptographic organization MI-8, with Herbert Osborne Yardley as the director. After the death of Arvid Damm in 1927 and the death of Immanuel Nobel / Emmanuel Nobel / Lyudvigovich Emanuel Nobel b. He was manager of the Nobel Company's oil fields in Baku. After 1921, Damm's interests in cipher machines were concentrated in the field of radio telegraphy: Marconi, Telefunken, TSF and Western Union. 1916, stopped activity of JSC Russian electrical plants 'Siemens and Halske'. The Russian government to conclude a long-term contract with the company for the construction of new telegraph communication lines, and the company itself became known as a company for 'building and repairing the Imperial Russian Telegraph'.Breguet replaced his telegraph also called the French telegraph, which was standard equipment on French railways and L. The ADFGVX system was put into service by the Germans near the end of World War One. Przhilentsky / Przylencki, who served in the office until 1917; during February - April 1915 on the radio were appointed Lieutenant D. 1859 died in 1932 - a nephew of Alfred Nobel, control of the company passed to Hagelin. Wilhelm was given a post in the technical laboratory where he experimented with chemical processes for production of light oil fractions. In 1891, he was first promoted to technical director and then office manager in Baku. He had joined the company in 1879, director in 1899. His first job, the supervision of the construction of an electric power station on one of the Nobel oil fields in Baku. Piotr Wodziński, a year ago (2011, Merkuryusz), after reading the 'three very interesting books' published an article 'Not only Enigma', wrote Mariasz in March 2012 at Petersburg established the Russian joint stock company of electrical plants 'Siemens and Halske'. Remmert appointed head of business wireless telegraphy in the Marine Department. Petersburg 'Branch for wireless telegraphy system'. 1905, Naval Department made a contract with JSC Russian electrical plants 'Siemens and Halske' for delivery to the Navy 24 stations of the 'Telefunken'. At the beginning of 1868 in private house on the 1st line of Vasilievsky island in St. Geisler in 1874 in his apartment opened small electromechanical workshop; here was repairing telegraph 'Belle Black' and also master L. Josef in 1884 start to produce a small - wire switches.

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Originally Prussian Abraham Louis Breguet began his career as a watchmaker but also a physicist. His ancestry was French but his family were Protestants so they fled to Switzerland after Edict of Nantes in 1685. Circa 1807 Breguet brought in his son, Louis-Antoine (born 1776) as a business partner, and from this point the firm became known as Breguet et Fils. , after Russian revolution, cryptographers took the counterrevolution side. 1899, Carl Hagelin was appointed director and moved with his family to St. 1915, Boris Caesar Wilhelm Hagelin began his career in Vasteras in the Swedish electrical company ASEA, supplier of equipment for the Nobels. Hagelin's last attempt to enter Russia via Constantinople failed and on 3 July 1920 he was forced to return to Stockholm. he, together with Immanuel Nobel / Emmanuel Nobel / Lyudvigovich Emanuel Nobel b. After World War II the need for ciphered telegraph transmission became obvious. Gretener, but later established a small independent laboratory.

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