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Totally staged, the Gilligan looking girl "waiting" for her internet date (highly unlikely- you don't know me, but lets meet in a secluded place).She didn't even fight back or try to get away, and seemed to help him fuck her, even fingered herself as he was jacking to finish.Now it is your turn to help give this slut and her clit the stiff ride of a life time. First why is the girl stiting in the passenger seat of her own car before she met this guy? Third, his cock is small-especially for a perv horny enough to rape a chick!Being in a relationship does not mean you lose all sense of self. At the same time, realize your boyfriend or girlfriend needs to have his or her own hobbies and social groups as well.You should be able to spend time together, just not all of your waking moments.My cock is more than double his just watching rape porn!

At the same time, you need to be able to open up in order to have a romantic relationship. This creates a close connection between two people, but it can also leave you open for a world of hurt.

A great way to ruin amazing friendships is to ditch your friends for a boy or girl. Make time for your other relationships as it’s good to have a wide network as opposed to only one person in your life.

Sadly, high school relationships statistically only last long term 2% of the time.

Remember when we all thought that 2016 was a particularly terrible year?

Well, if last year was like a flaming bag of crap on your doorstep, 2017 is that bag catching the whole house on fire.

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But between near-constant attacks on women's health, a president whose mere tweeting can cause panic, and case after case of high profile sexual assault or harassment, it's impossible And it's not just me!

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