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All of these tools are free at the time of writing, and can be used to build up a more complete picture of who or what you are looking for.As one of the world's most popular search engines, Google is a natural choice to find pretty much anything you might be looking for. With all the new Web sites available to help you find someone online, people are finding surprising tidbits of information about their co-workers, loved ones, and friends that often don't turn up in a simple Web search.

Public records are one of the hottest searches on the Web.As we become more connected and socially aware on the Web, more personal information than ever before is being shared, which in turn creates more personal information that is able to be searched for.These niche search engines focus on picking out only information that is specifically related to the people you're looking for, whether that be social networking updates, background information, or comments on a Web site.Specialized directories can help you find almost any phone number, business indexes can find an astonishing amount of corporate information, and there are a wealth of sites that can aid you in finding death notices, obituaries, or interment information.Many people look back with pride on their military service days and want to relive those experiences with their fellow soldiers.

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  1. It seems easier to meet local women – 30 percent of men said it was ‘easy' or ‘very easy'. Expats in Switzerland seem to be having a particularly hard time: everyone said it was ‘difficult' or ‘very difficult' to meet local men for a romantic relationship, and expats living in France report it impossible to meet local women!

  2. Booty by zip code, Tinder uses GPS to locate people in your area with whom you can make beautiful monkey love—otherwise known as Grindr for straight peeps. A peace-loving Asian dude, Patrick Bateman's less menacing bespectacled brother, Dad, an ambiguously ethnic chick? Ya know that annoying friend that has no life so the most exciting thing they have to talk about is the dream they had last night?