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You're just being belligerent overassuming I did not do what you told me to do.Be humble and accept that I did what you told me to do to the best of my knowledge, and it still does not work.

I already said, "My default style does not work for Recaptcha.

Good conduct cannot appease an evil conscience; but neither much reviling by a man cast a shadow over a good conscience. There was a problem in the v B 3.7.1 files with Re Captcha the first few hours it was released.

Something happened in the last few days or even week or two possibly, that nobody can register to my forums because of a problem with the image verification on my server or the server where the image verification is supplied. The fix is to download a new zip file and upload those files making sure you replace the ones on the server.

Would Jesus Christ steal away my v Bulletin paid for original license?

What is Jesus going to do to the owners and managers of v Bulletin and Jelsoft Ltd.? God is angry, but we in Christ have peace for we are confident He is using this situation for His greater purposes.

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