Etc portage package use 39 needs updating

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try ls /usr/src -l The symlink is update because you have the symlink use flag - you can change this but then you need to remember to update the symlink manually Ed: example output below ... I am not sure what I am doing wrong, since I just emerged sys-kernel today, jan 11th.Other thread/websearch solutions do not seem to work for me this time around.But the experiences of other people showed that I should perhaps start installing it when I have at least a few days to myself.So the weekend prior to last when I got a few days off, it was Gentoo's chance for getting installed on this partition I talked about earlier. Actually, Gentoo is all about choice and even for downloading it, the user is faced with choices.

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Gentoo also has developed its own way of automating the whole task. Portage is a python based package management system similar to those found in Free BSD which downloads the source of a software and compiles them on the end user's machine.

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