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Now married for six years, they're starting to wonder if maybe they're just best friends, rather than a couple. The main issue seems to be surfer-artist Jesse's lack of ambition but, when he begins to move on with his life, Celeste starts wondering if maybe she's the real problem.

Even so, they're still completely involved in each others' lives, which is awkward for their friends Beth and Tucker (Graynor and Christian). The film's perspective centres on Celeste's messy journey, which is a bumpy series of conflicting emotions.

It's not very well-written, but there are enough deranged characters to make it almost worth a look. It's rated PG-13, and beyond a few shots of young ladies in cheer outfits, there's nothing remotely objectionable here. In fact, this movie is so bad that I should, in retrospect, give a half star bump-up to all of the previous films that I've given one star to because they just don't belong in the same company as this film.Attracted to the other one's stupidity, they not only become inseparable, they also become the first students of the school's new special needs class.Continue reading: Dumb And Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd Review A cash-in prequel to 1994's guilty-pleasure gross-out comedy starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels as two low-IQ nincompoops on a cross-country trip, this movie is an obtuse, half-assed, meandering, slapped-together, pointless and nearly plotless journey back to the high school days of the same two dolts.Many years later, they have reached their thirties and while Celeste is a successful business woman, Jesse has failed to mature with age and remains unemployed and unmotivated.Celeste believes the right thing to do is to file for a divorce as her life progresses away from him.

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