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(Sometimes I start worrying if I am still normal as I only want a complete service with at least two holes involved.

For that reason you will never see me at Bliss Lounge or Lolita's.) Our farmer's daughter seemed not overly enthusiastic about farangs and said that, because of a lack of water, she had sown rice late and had to return for the also late harvest in December. it wasn't quite as good as Annabelle's, but very nice.

Full of Fat Coyote Dancers, No Punters, No Atmosphere and definitely no fun. They were not shy, happy to show their ample charms.

Well the other girls were doing it for them, as they often do. You can safely put Beach Club back on your visiting list.

There were two girls, one of them caring for the owner's mate.

Plenty of Silicone on show in Baccara but again no Pussy. Gold Club A-Go Go has announced that it would soon be re-opening on Soi LK Metro.The bar was originally Amethyst but re-opened as Gold Club at the beginning of 2017.It lasted for about 6 months before closing in June.There were were about 15 Topless Dancers, wearing G-Strings and Stockings. There were also 25-30 Coyote Dancers, most of them slim and attractive.I can't give it a thumbs up though, the music was way too loud and the seating way too Low.

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