Elucidating the mechanism of cellular

This creates an acidic environment in the mouth, leading to the dissolution of the calcium-rich tooth enamel.Simultaneously, Deferred antagonism assay using different clinical isolates of S. Growth inhibition halos surrounding the colonies are indicative of antibiotic production preventing the growth of the following species.Dr Justin Merritt, from the Oregon Health & Science University, studies disease-causing bacteria at mucosal sites in humans, especially in the mouth.His latest research on bacteria that cause tooth decay offers interesting and very novel insights into the processes that can trigger disease.

To address this, I screened a cancer gene si RNA library in a cell line sensitive to necrosis.Broadening the view Bacteria have a vast variety of gene regulatory strategies even among similar species.The Merritt lab is dedicated to exploring completely unknown regulatory mechanisms in harmful bacteria.In cases of advanced dental caries, few alternative options exist other than removing the tooth completely.Bacteria cause tooth decay Tooth decay is caused by dental plaque, which mainly consists of bacterial biofilm, forming on and around the teeth.

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