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Every member is a conscientious individual with a tenderness that makes them the perfect candidate for dating and love.What's more, with free membership that gives you access to hundreds of profiles, there's no need to feel obligated to pay anything until you think you've found the one worth fighting your cause with.Plus it's impossible to tell if he's single let alone recycles.Being able to go online and easily find single, available, environmentally-conscious men makes meeting someone so much easier." Green online dating sites like Planet Earth Singles work because they attract only environmentally-conscious singles, so the pool of members has already been "screened" simply by the nature of the site.If relocation is in you future, don't forget to check out the top list of green cities.From recycling practices to air qualities, this list puts the nitty gritty out there for your green dating pleasure.

If you're single, from the UK and care about the environment and everything in it, then you're Green Lover's perfect candidate.

Jill Crosby, avid environmentalist and owner and founder of Planet Earth says she is touched by the moving success stories from her many members that have found true love.

Crosby states, '' It's extremely rewarding to provide such a successful opportunity for "green singles" to meet each other and 'rise' (not fall) in love.'' One of many success stories is that of Paula, a writer, and Ken, an Eco-Real Estate Broker, who met on Planet Earth Singles four months ago.

For example: one can search for vegan, liberal, Libras.

Members also find the Sexual IQ (Intimacy Quotient) and Compatibility test unique compared to other online dating sites, and quite effective.

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Ranging from serious activists to casual conservationists, all members have one thing in common; they consider themselves 'green singles' looking to meet the same.

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