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If a project is configured to resolve dependencies from the workspace, these artifacts do not need to be present in your local repository.Assume that project-a and project-b are both in the same Eclipse workspace, and that project-a depends on project-b.It will also contain mirrors that have been configured in your Maven Settings ( If you have been using Maven, you are familiar with the Central Maven repository.This is default repository from which Maven will retrieve dependencies and other artifacts needed during a build.To demonstrate this feature, add a repository element to a pom.xml, by loading the Form-based POM Editor and clicking on the Repositories tab.Click on the "Create..." button and add a new repository with the following values as shown in Figure 6.11, “Adding a Repository to a Project's POM”.

The refresh icon looks like two opposing yellow arrows, and clicking this icon will cause the Maven Repositories view to refresh the list of repositories from the selected project and your configured Maven settings.

If you expand the central repository, you will be able to browse the contents of the repository and double click on specific artifacts.

Double-clicking on one of the artifacts shown in Figure 6.9, “Browsing a Global Repository” will load that artifact's POM in the Form-based POM Editor.

This can be a useful tool if there is another process outside of Eclipse that is going to be modifying a local Maven repository.

Choosing this option causes m2eclipse to skip index generation for a repository.

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