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At the very least, you will need the header files from that directory accessible to your Eclipse project: You will also need the .a static library. However, I (Ecologisto) couldn't use it on Mac as I didn't find the specified files. From any Arduino IDE project, get the core.a file in the compilation subdirectory.The resulting program becomes substantially smaller when linking with a static library, so this is the only sensible option. To generate this file you will need to create and verify a project in the Arduino IDE. Make sure that the correct target board is selected in the Arduino IDE.lib Arduino Mega Core.a, so that you can always tell what the library's target architecture is.You can copy the entire contents of the hardware/cores/arduino directory into your Eclipse project so that it is compiled into the application every time.

This file can be excluded from being compiled into the project by right-clicking on its name, selecting properties, and checking "exclude from build".You can compile your own static library in Eclipse. This project setup is as close as possible to the Arduino IDE.The best way is to create this as a library project, and to define a build configuration for each combination of AVR CPU and clock frequency you have. On Linux it is possible to use the same source files for an Arduino sketch and an eclipse project (just don't edit them with both at the same time), and compile/upload either with eclipse or the Arduino IDE. f=6&t=2842 (in german) worked fine for me: Download this file and replace the existant file in "\utils\bin\" and retry to build. The C standard apparently requires this function when using certain language features. the case when using the Print class, or the Serial object, which probably means most Arduino programs.This is your CS account password, not your USF Connect password. You must enter this part EXACTLY with all lowercase letters, otherwise you will run into submission problems in the future.If you have trouble accessing your account, please contact CS Support. Right-click your repository and select "New » New Remote Folder" from the menu. To create a Java project that is connected to your SVN repository, you need to first create a folder in your repository.

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If you are asked to switch to the Java Perspective, click "Remember my decision" and the "Yes" button.

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