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The architectural pride of Dnipropetrovsk is rightly considered to be the Transfiguration Cathedral, the same one that has been there since the beginning of the city’s history.

The architect wanted for Dnipro’s church to exceed Rome’s St. Even though the idea was not fulfilled, the Transfiguration Cathedral is still an incredible sight to see, due to its splendor and understated beauty.

The city’s fortunes changed only in the late 19th century, when Yekaterinoslav prospered, as large ores deposits were discovered and a railroad was built nearby.

Soon, it became one of the Russian Empire’s most important industrial centers.

The town, originally named Yekaterinoslav, was intended to become Russian Empire’s third main city.

But these plans were not to be: after Catherine the Great died, the city’s construction and development slowed down considerably.

It leads to most one of the most interesting of the city’s landmarks, the legendary Monastyrsky Island.

The Old Russian princess Olga once waited for a storm to pass in a local monastery; and shortly after that, the prince Vladimir the Great rested within its walls.If you desire to find true love and create serious relationships don’t waste your chance to meet local singles in Dnipro branch and to choose your only one!We recommend to look though profiles immediately because you deserve to be happy and to make the happiest that one whose heart starts beating loudly only for you! Our Dnipro branch has all the possibilities to help you to choose the lady of your dreams.The following citizens of Dnipropetrovsk became the famous Olympic champions: Raisa Kurvyakova, Yurii Zajtzev, Sultan Rahmanov, Lyudmila Rogozhina, Oleg Molyboga, Volodymyr Lyutyi, Olexander Cherednuk, Vadim Tishenko, Olena Girko, Oksana Bayul, Evgen Braslavetz, Igor Matvienko.The sports complex “Meteor” is the largest center of the sportive and cultural life of Dnipropetrovsk, one of the main sports centers in Ukraine, which trains the sportsmen of the international standard, and is also the national center of Olympic and Paraolympic trainings.

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