Demi lovato dating joe jonas again

Demi Lovato: I'm a vegetarian, though, so I just eat the vegetables. Joe Jonas: Demi, do you think you'll ever eat meat again? What's the point of hurting the world if I don't like it? "It could have been better timing," admits Joe, calling from Washington, D. "But there's never really a good time for something like that.

Demi Lovato is tackling rumors about her love life..kind of. "Sometimes you have to know when to fold the cards. They most recently performed on Sunday at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and will do the same at the Daytime Village at the i Heart Radio Music Festival in September. She's just incredible."It's not always the case," he continued. We've gone through so much together and we're really close now."Speaking of family, Jonas gushed about being an uncle to older brother Kevin's 17-month-old daughter Alena. I can play with her, hang out with her whenever I want and then just hand her right back when things get too crazy."Jonas and DNCE are currently putting finishing touches on their debut album, now set for release in the fall.Earlier this year, when the costars decided to test the romantic possibilities of their rock-solid friendship, they felt compelled to do so in public; when they broke up just a few months later, Joe announced it by issuing a statement, and Demi—always true to her loyal fans—decided to confirm the details on Twitter. "I kind of learned throughout this whole experience that having my private life public isn't as awesome as it might seem," the seventeen-year-old says with a rueful little laugh.

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Do you believe the rumor that Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama are dating?

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