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I went on to pursue a Ph D in QUB on the welfare of kennelled dogs, graduating with my Doctorate in 1996.

After several years of post-doc research, I was appointed to a lectureship in Animal Welfare in 1999.

Use their online service or call them to register your cat as lost.: Post the leaflets through every door in your immediate area, think from a cat's perspective not just following road layouts.

Display at the Vets, Post Office, Library, local shops etc.

The Government has stopped short of banning 24-hour retirement completely because it can occasionally be beneficial.

The NHS is severely understaffed and trusts are desperately trying to retain nurses, midwives, certain specialist doctors and GPs.

NHS figures show that at least 7,143 staff under 60 used the ruse – but this doesn’t include GPs, who are thought to be among the most likely to use the loophole.

But under new rules from the Department of Health, staff who want to retire will only be allowed back to the same hospital in special circumstances, such as an experienced nurse who wants to leave her full-time post to work on just one or two days a week.

The crackdown follows a series of Mail investigations that exposed how NHS bosses were routinely retiring, cashing in their pensions, then coming back.

Thousands of bosses have exploited a loophole that lets them stand down temporarily and start withdrawing their generous pensions – before returning to their old jobs and six-figure salaries in days.

Some have taken out tax-free pension lump sums worth up to £250,000 and used the money to pay off their mortgage or buy a second home.

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