Deal with an intimidating

Do they belittle you, or embarrass you in front of others.

Do they treat you like a child, or constantly try to put you in your place?

It means you are doing good work, and that your opponents are desperate.

It’s imperative that we realize, the moment we take something personally we become emotionally involved. And people who want to gain an emotional edge use them to get their own way.Think about it for a moment, how hard do you work at avoiding that person?Now ask yourself this simple question: There is always some core reason for such strong feelings.Feelings are an internal emotional response, that means they come from us not some external source.Nothing has any emotional value or meaning in our life except that which we assign it. We decide if something has emotional significance or not.

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  1. You don't need to warn your date that you are poor, and if you are well off, you don't want to look like an insecure person who uses wealth as bait. Revealing bitterness or anger about your ex is especially off-putting and can cast a toxic pall over the whole meeting. But on a first date, that's exactly what you have to do. That little twinkle in your eye could make a date perk up.