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These workshops will allow students the opportunity to explore some of the content in the U Got This! Workshops are 90-minutes long, interactive, and led by trained UHS staff.Students only have to attend one workshop and there are many topic options to choose from, including: healthy sexuality, healthy relationships, how to support a survivor, and bystander intervention.Of course it’s exciting to see your partner every chance you get.Unfortunately, it can also make some men feel smothered.In most cases, men will begin to think you’re unhappy if you argue or query where the relationship is going or if you complain about other aspects of your life with him. Flirting When you first met your ex, you both would have made each other feel great.This can be enough for him to pull away and think it’s not working. Find fun hobbies or fun friends and work on bringing back the happy-version of you he fell in love with. Flirting is all about letting each other know you’re attracted to each other.

All incoming first-year and new transfer students who enrolled in Fall 2017 need to complete the online program in their [email protected] by September 22. program, first-year and new transfer students must also attend a Get WIse workshop within their first semester on campus.

Many women may have found that following various tips to make their ex come back to them might have succeeded in getting a few extra dates.

Unfortunately, the relationship often ends up exactly where it was before and you end up going through a second breakup.

Registering ahead of time is recommended to guarantee a spot.

An email confirming participation will be sent to students within 48-72 hours of their attendance at a workshop. Check out our Get WIse Workshop Series FAQ or email [email protected] This workshop will explore sex, sexuality, and hooking up in college.

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