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With my focus on them, my children were reassured they were my priority. All children harbour this hope during a divorce because their family has fractured. I started to eat healthier, sleep more and exercise regularly.

This is especially important in any situation when the other parent is already dating. By not dating, my children had time to heal and didn’t have to worry about me being with, or investing emotions into someone “other than their dad.”After a 20-year relationship, it would have been incredibly unhealthy to think I'd find a man to date. My life was chaotic as a single mum, and I needed to figure out a job, manage the divorce and not let my kids see me lose it every 10 minutes. I discovered yoga again and found friends who would be supportive. I talked to my kids and told them the truth - but never spoke poorly about their father.

There are signals that tell us specific things, aren’t there?

Lately, there is a cookie crumb trail of obvious signs I have missed for the past several weeks. These crazy people are the reason why this battle is worth it.

I hear it in the empty hollows of my heart as I soak in most everything demanding my attention but the One who satisfies my thirst.

After I was separated and divorced, I did not date for more than a year. Trying to form new relationships would have taken time and energy away from my kids during a time when their lives were still chaotic and confusing. My children needed time to let go of the hope their dad and I would get back together.

This was about keeping them a priority, making sure they felt secure and were ready to accept someone.#Sunday Eats #NFLSundays #Flatbread Season Crooked Hammock Brewery#Repost @ocean981 ・・・The Firth Annual Ocean 98 Best Wings on the Shore Contest will be on Sunday, January 28, 2018 at Crooked Hammock Brewery in Lewes, DE.The event will start promptly at Noon and will feature some of the best wings from area restaurants. Vote on Best Overall, Most Creative, and Hottest Wing. I'm tired mentally and it hit me.about this little guy.does he feel.. * * My poor little guy is struggling with sleep, sickness and the word "No"...lately I've been feeling bad for myself..

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I see it in my irritation after spending time on social media for the last several weeks.

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