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Shit, I don't even have time to talk to anyone else.' So, I didn't and logged off my Tinder (like an idiot).

The following Saturday was our next date, right before he left for a work trip.

Every day after that, we talked from when we woke up to when we went to bed.

In my mind, I thought, 'He couldn't be seeing anyone else.

I was being ghosted by a guy who was claiming I was perfect less than a week prior.

We made out on a street corner like teenagers, and he sent me home in an Uber at am.He charges his phone, and immediately, it's blowing up.I make a joke with him and said, 'It's all your other Tinder dates booty-calling you.' He brushed it off, saying, 'How would I have time to date others, and why would I? (I usually hold out longer, but honestly, this guy and I really clicked and were making future plans for the fall.) He cuddled me, saying how this must be destiny and how happy he was that I was there.During that time, he mentioned dating is a game of “who will show their crazy first.” I told him the only time I get “crazy” is if I am fully ignored or ghosted.He promised to respect that, and silly me, I trusted him.

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We talked the whole time when I was the passenger on the trip until the time he got off work. I assumed he was going out, but he normally would mention it if he was. I checked in the next day when I didn't get the usual “good morning”: I assumed he was working or sleeping, but then again, he usually tells me.

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