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Hinge collected data on its own users and found that the previous version of their app wasn't really working.Only 15 percent of matches were turning into actual convos.In its place as you can see in the screen capture on the bottom right of this article you will find a warmer color scheme that contains lighter blues, yellows and browns.The picture of the person on screen is also larger and appears more down to earth.So if you're going to say anything, talk about the fact that she's STILL STANDING AND STILL SMILING. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #quithating A post shared by Detroit's Makeup Artist 🤴🏾 (@thee.waynekash) on We couldn’t agree more, and we’re thankful for the reminder that mental illness is real.

About a month ago e Harmony updated their homepage with a new look and feel.

The color scheme is very similar to the last update but the message has changed slightly.

The title of the page now reads "From single to soul mate" and it then mentions e Harmony's 29 Dimensions of matching. Neil Clark Warren is in charge once again at e Harmony it looks like they want to get back to the core of what e Harmony was founded on.

It took my mom @famikalouise and my friends @venerated_ & Money to lift my spirits. I was embarrassed, I was hurt, and I knew the first thing people was going to think was that I got abused or that I got beat up. #Troi Nation A post shared by Troi (@thereal_troi) on She explained that this happened days before her 21st birthday, which left her feeling embarrassed and hurt.

I just wanted to feel beautiful for my 21st birthday and @thee.waynekash made that happen for me. Thankfully, with her family and Wayne’s help, she was back to feeling like she could celebrate.

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