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The truth is you did nothing to tap into her emotions.

Nothing about you set yourself apart from the crowd.

Understand that women do not care for men who flash their wealth on their sleeve.

What you say to them and how you do it, is what I am going to explain to you, step by step, so that you , for your attention.

My guidelines are subtle and aimed at making you worth your weight in gold.

She could become a victim of circumstances but that is because she is letting herself be emotionally swept away. She seems to appreciate your nice gestures but for some reason never lets you out of the dreaded "friend zone". You are being submissive and constantly seeking her approval.

You do not have to be like them to get what you want.

Use the system that I have devised and I shall make you more attractive to a woman and a million times more successful than any guy, if you go along with me and listen to what I have to tell you.

You will finally learn how to pick the right woman and enjoy “nirvana” that you never experienced before. I had studied this woman Heather at my job for months and couldn’t say anything to her other than work related issues.

Your passion and lovemaking will be unique and set you apart as the greatest lover she has ever had. After seeing your “satisfaction guaranteed” label for your guide Alpha Male Pickup, I decided why not and took the plunge. After reading your guide I was a new man and got the courage to not only talk to her about who I am as a person, but “pick her up” as well.

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Stop in your tracks for a moment and try to understand what I am about to reveal to you.

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  1. 90% of profiles feature the same cliche phrases like: "I'm a hard-working guy who is looking for a nice girl." "I enjoy hanging out with my friends." "I'm an easy-going, fun person." DON’T DO THIS!

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