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Staring into her eyes, he lightly slid his tongue across her bottom lip. He lightly swept his tongue between her lips, pressing his warm, soft lips to hers.

So for all of the romantics out there who are still waiting for their soulmate to come along, we put together this list of soulmate signs compiled from the lucky people who’ve been there.

“While you wait for your godly man, you should maintain the posture of a well-kept woman [...] The person should add to, not take away from, your life.

You maintain who you are and allow God to be picky for you.” ― Michelle Mc Kinney Hammond, “A fulfilling long-term relationship is not accomplished by just finding the one.

When soulmates decide to be together, there is nothing that can stand in their way.

One of the best things about meeting your soulmate is that you are also meeting your best friend.

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