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These homemade cards from Etsy are adorable and funny, and are way better than anything you’ll find in the store. If you two are so similar people are constantly confusing you for each other: Buy it here 6. If you want to make your friend feel better about her relationship status: Buy it here 10. If you want to make both of you feel better about being single: Buy it here 7.

Bold, sarcastic, sharp, witty, confident – all of these traits are found in the sassy one.

This year, don’t spend February 14 thinking about how you’re not in a relationship. You know, the girl who’s there for you no matter what, the girl you talk to about everything, and the girl who is basically your significant other without the sex part. If you’re both huge fans of Harry Potter: Buy it here Which of these cards is your favorite?

If you guys don’t want to do anything big, at least get her a cute card. If you want to be really super sweet: Buy it here 2. If you guys both love Gossip Girl and are also kind of frenemies? If you just want to keep it short and sweet: Buy it here 5.

You were tired of their lovey dovey stuff and wanted to go home because in all honesty watching the two of them together was breaking your heart.

You were secretly in love with Calum, no one knew because you saw how happy he is with Candace and didn’t want to jeopardize that and end up losing him.

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If you’re basically meant for each other: Buy it here 16. If you guys can appreciate this Grey’s Anatomy quote: Buy it here 18.

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